Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Legendary Not So Bad, And An Old Dinner Sauce

From all of the game reviews for LEGENDARY you'd think the game was absolute crap or even broken. It has a total score percentage of 49%! 49%...seriously? Did the guys who created this game over at Gamecock Media piss a bunch of people off or something? I really don't get it. I'm not alone on this issue either. I decided to check out this game based on some comments that "Shipwreck" made on his CAG FOREPLAY Podcast. I feel exactly the way he does. This game has gotten a bad rap. With that being said I'm not saying this game is perfect or even close to a 10. I think it probably hovers around a 7 rating though. I think one reason why this game got such terrible reviews is the time it was released. It was released at the same time that a bunch of triple a titles like GEARS OF WAR 2, FABLE 2, and FALLOUT 3 were released. Is it as good as those games? Hell no it's not, but it's definitely not a 4.9 either!
I will say that some of the gameplay is dated and linear, but it's a good time imo. It's not breaking any new ground and it's not as pretty as all of the triple a titles that were released this winter, but it's worth a rent or even 20 bucks in the bargain bin.

Now for something totally unrelated. Today before work I was thinking about what I'd eat for dinner that night after I got home. I decided on having chicken. Then I broke into that cheezy commercial jingle for Chicken Tonight sauce. It just goes to show you how deep in your brain an old jingle can bury itself.

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