Sunday, August 2, 2009

MMA At The Speedway & Bye Bye GameFly

As some of you know I enjoy watching my nephew race at the local hillbilly race track in Galesburg Michigan. There usually isn't a night where a fight doesn't happen in the pits there. Saturday night was no exception. Only this time I was sorta involved. Generally what happens is someone gets pissed off because they didn't win a race or got bumped by another car on the track or even get in an accident. Well my nephew was in the lead for quite a few laps after the lead car got black flagged for going under his time. Anyway my nephew was leading and this guy that we all thought was our friend was also racing and getting severely pissed off because my nephew was just a bit faster and not letting this guy get past him. At one point this guy actually hit my nephews car on purpose. After that this driver actually got hit pretty hard by another driver which really damaged his car. The race ends and my nephew takes third place. I then hurry back to the pits because I just had this feeling things would get out of control...

This pissed off driver who we know well and talk to every day gets out of his car and starts yelling at my 18 year old nephew. Mind you this guy is at least 50 and starting shit with a kid. I thought to open my mouth when he was going off, but just then my brother-in-law starts raising his voice a little telling the guy to chill out. Before you know it this guy is freaking out and grabs my brother-in-law by the throat and slams him on the hood of my nephews stock car. I'm trying to get to this guy to get him off of my brother-in-law, but the guy's friend who happens to be a big fat woman is inbetween me and him tell me to back off. I'm like I don't think so. When this is going on I see my nephew looking on the ground. (later he tells me he's looking for a rock)I then see him with his driver's helmet over his head looking pissed. He then slams the helmet down on the guy's head at least three times while the guy is choking his dad and punching at him. I finally get a hold of the guy's arm before he can punch at my brother-in-law again and yell his name really loud in his face and tell him to get the fuck off of him. He does. Why I have no idea, but he finally did.

Later on things got heated again and this time I was actually involved and so was my wife and my brother-in-law's wife. This time it was with a friend of the driver who hit my brother-in-law. Both my wife and his wife were going off because of what happened earlier. The friend said some shit to my wife that I didn't life so I told him "Don't talk to my wife like that you fucking asshole". (This guy is yet another guy we've all known for years. He's in his and has a couple heart attacks, but still thinks he's king shit)The guy then tells me he'll beat my fucking ass and then pulls off his flannel and starts to walk towards me. At this point I've had it and I'm ready to beat this guy's ass. My wife then jumps in front of me and tells me "Don't". Then about five security guards come and break it up before anything happens. Later I ask my wife why she said don't. She then tells me she said don't because she knew if he walked over I was going to punch him first, which I would have for sure because I was livid. I would have went to jail for sure if he had made it over to me. Believe me I was ready to hit that guy with everything I had. Next Saturday at the races should be interesting. LOL

With that out of the way I've decided to drop Gamefly. They suck hard lately. It's not worth it to me anymore. The last straw was having 30 games in my q and having them still not send me a game even after they received my last game three days ago. I've had it. I'm sending my final game back to them. When they receive it I'm cancelling my membership. I'll be buying games on or renting down the street where I can get the games I want when I want them for basically the same price with no late fees.


Repro said...

Damn. You gotta video that shit! LOL
Sounds like some fun shit at the races. LOL

Robert said...

Mostly it's stressful. I totally don't like dealing with that shit. I'm too old for it. I'd rather just have a fun day at the races, but of course there are idiots in this world that must be dealt with. I'm no badass, but when I finally get pissed I lose it. Next Saturday will probably be mellow.

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