Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Games, District 9 & Total Randomness

Now that I'm not renting from Gamefly I'm renting games from Hollywood Video just down the road from where I live. At least this way I can go in and actually choose a game that I want that they have in stock instead of getting a crappy game down at the bottom of my list from Gamefly. Last week I ordered The Godfather 2 the video game on half.com for 22 bucks. I decided to buy it after renting it for five days. It's 40 bucks in stores right now, so half price was a good deal. In the meantime I needed a game that I could play and beat in a short amount of time. Wanted: Weapons Of Fate is definitely that game. It's not an incredible game or anything, but it's fun. It's just a mindless fps with stupid ai enemies. I've put in a couple hours a night for the past couple nights and I'm almost done with it already. I feel sorry for anyone who paid 60 bucks for this game. Definitely worth a rent though.

I'm taking my third week of vacation out of five next week, so I'll be gaming as much as possible during my vacation. I'm sure The Godfather 2 will arrive by then. At least it better!

If anyone reading this hasn't seen District 9 yet you really need to. It's the best sci-fi film I've seen in a very long time. Definitely a different spin on alien movies. I pretty much loved it. 9/10

As much as I think Sebastian Bach is a doucher his solo cd entitled "Angel Down" really rocks. Axl Rose even appears on some tunes with some vocals. Definitely a good old school mixed with modern sounding rock album.


Repro said...

I haven't played any games of late. I like D9.
My PC is supposed to be here Saturday. #4 best be the charm!

Wingman709 said...

I agree about District 9. Very good movie.

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