Friday, August 21, 2009

I Guess Those Albums Aren't That Bad

Lately I've been really bored with listening to the same albums all of the time. I think we all have a bunch of stand by albums that we listen to. I decided it was time to go back to those albums that I've ragged on and give them another chance. I started with Nevermore's "Dreaming Neon Black" and "Dead Heart In A Dead World". I must say that I enjoyed "Dreaming Neon Black" quite a bit. It's not like I'm new to this album. I picked it up on cd when it was released. I remember thinking at the time that it was alright. It's been well documented by yours truly that I can't stand Warrell Dane's vocals. They are actually pretty good on DNB. I even hear a bit of his old school Sanctuary vocals at times. Not often enough though. "Dead Heart In A Dead World" is decent. I did get bored after about song 7. I must say that their cover of "The Sound Of Silence" is terrible. I don't mind when bands cover songs and make them their own, but man this is just bad. Eventually I'll listen to the rest of the Nevermore catalog. I'd also like to mention that I do enjoy Jeff Loomis's guitar playing.

As I type this I'm listening to Savatage's "Streets: A Rock opera". For years I've been saying that anything after "Hall Of The Mountain King" is weak. I still believe that after once again listening to "Gutter Ballet" and "Streets". It's not terrible. It's just not the Savatage that I want to listen to on a regular basis.


Repro said...

Yer a nut, about Nevermore! LOL

A dude at work asked me if I listened to King Diamond. So now I started playing Fatal Portrait, Them, Melissa, and The Oath one, AT WORK. Fuckers go by me wondering what crazy shit I'm playing.

Fatal Portrait was the first King Diamond I ever heard. I bought the tape. I never listened to Mercyful Fate before that. I'm playing Fatal Portrait a ton, now. It really stands up well, and kicks ass!

Robert said...

I am insane when it comes to Nevermore. For some fucked up reason I'm always compelled to keep giving them another listen. I like the music a ton. Before it was warrell driving me insane. Now I'm basically ok with his vocals.

The first KD I ever heard was Abigail. That was probably 1988 thanks to an old friend of mine. It actually kinda creeped me out. My favorite KD album is still THEM. His old shit is really good, but I also like THE GRAVEYARD and VOODOO a lot as well. I was just cranking VOODOO in my car this week too.

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