Friday, July 10, 2009

Worst Band Ever

I'm not even joking with that blog title. I've heard some bad bands in my 36+ year existence, but the band COMPLETE easily wins worst band ever category. What's sad is they seem to take themselves seriously. I discovered this band a while back on a message board I used to post at. I was reminded of them again because someone posted a video for their song HOOGIE BOOGIE LAND. It's just bad. I mean it's terrible. If anyone has heard worse I'd love to hear that band.

This is really bad. You've been warned!


Sacrilegium said...

LOL they're awful!

Repro said...

That dude looks like Blitz. Prolly his brother.
I didn't listen, and prolly won't.

Robert said...

Now you've gone to far, Repro!!!!


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