Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Too Many Game Sites, Reviewers, & Podcasts

Now that every Tom, Dick, and Harry thinks they are a "hardcore gamer" we have an oversaturation of websites and podcasts devoted to gaming. It really needs to stop. There are so many terrible websites and gaming podcasts out there now. It's gotten to the point where any idiot with a pc and an opinion can have his/her own site and podcast. Having an Xbox 360 and an opinion doesn't make you an authority on gaming. I'd also like to add video game reviews on youtube to this list. I don't know how many video reviews I've seen for games with total stumps doing the review. I mean shit at least learn how to form a complete sentence before you decide to do a video review for a game. People really need to stop embarrassing themselves.

I think the main problems I have with independent gaming sites are terrible spelling errors and a lot of copying and pasting of news stories that they found over at IGN or Kotaku. There is such a thing as spell check. USE IT! This is exactly why I will continue to ignore all the wannabe's and go to the bigger sites like IGN. They actually have site editors who get paid to make sure they don't look like a bunch of half-witted morons who can't spell. I realize that not all independent gaming sites are bad. Heck, there are some good ones out there. It's just that the bad ones far outweigh the good ones.

Another issue I have is all of the terribly boring game reviews out there now. I think I'd probably rather pull my fingernails out one by one with pliers than read another game review. If I want a game review now I'll either watch a video review on or If you only have a written review of a game chances are I won't be reading it. I just don't want to take the time to read a review that's going to bore the shit out of me.

I'm also listening to only a handful of gaming podcats now. There are just too many braindead morons creating podcasts.

I know I sound negative, but hey someone has to tell it like it is.


Repro said...

I go to IGN and gamespot.

I just bought Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. From gamefly, simply because the total price was $8.06 with my discounts. I love WW2 games. The reviews of this are not bad, compared to most of the othe cheap priced gamefly games.

I have Infamous GF rent. Going to try it out right now.
I think I'll go with good guy option.

Robert said...

I liked Brothers In Arms. I rented it, but didn't finish it. I really need to rent it again so I can.

I really hope you dig Infamous. I love it.

Repro said...

Infamous has some incredible graphics and super fun to play so far. The problem is it doesn't save often enough. I'm on mission 3. I go through all the killing to get across the bridge. Then I jump across all those pipes and get stuck with no where to go. When I come back to play. It starts level 3 all over again. I'm playing on medium. I just ignore the dudes shooting at me unless I have to fight them.

Robert said...

Repro, you save the game when you want to. I do it often. I play a section then I save it. BTW You should start killing dudes because you get experience points that you use to upgrade your powers. You're doing it wrong! LOL :)

BTW I love this game to death. Best game I've played since Fallout 3!

Repro said...

I know you have to kill for upgrades but I try not to waste my time with it. I'm trying to get past levels. I got past that part I was stuck on. Now I'm doing some other missions.
It's a lot of fun and the graphics are amazing.

Robert said...

glad you like it. i'm addicted to it!

Repro said...

Yeh, this game is great!
I'm not too far into it. Section 11, plus I did all the yellow side jobs. Just closed the water thing. Where the black tar takes you on an acid trip of sorts. :)

Robert said...

I'm on the third island now. I was at the end of a mission doing the last thing I had to do for that mission last night and my ps3 locked up. I was pissed, so I stopped playing. I'll play again tonight. Great game though!

Repro said...

Third Island? I must have a loooong way to go. LOL

I will be buying this game. I am doing all the good. Next time will be evil.

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