Sunday, July 5, 2009

iPhone...Do I Really Want One?

Everyone in my family has the same cell phone. For about the first four months the phones worked great. Now they are basically junk. We text a lot. The keyboards on our phones work sometimes. My wife and daughter have replaced their phones a coup[le of times now. I still have mine. I've just been living with terrible stopping and slowing down while trying to text. I'm sick of it at this point, so I'm thinking about buying out of our contract with Alltel, and getting iPhones. My question is how much can I expect to pay? Right now we pay just under $200.00 per month for unlimited texting as well as a bunch of minutes that we don't need because we have "my circle" which allows you unlimited minutes to the people in "your circle". We also have unlimited internet access. If we can get a decent plan for about the same price per month then I'm all for getting iPhones. Obviously I'm going to have to do some research, but any input from people reading this blog would be appreciated.


Repro said...

I won't get a fancy phone because I don't pay for the extras. I get whatever free phone is offered with my new contracts. I get a new one every two years. Next is in a few months.
I use T-Mobile. I don't pay for texting or anything. Just 200 minutes per month plus free weekends. Costs me about $31.00 to $34.00 a month for my phone. I don't even have a home phone. I just use my cell. Another way that I save cash.

Robert said...

I have two spoiled women in my house, so they feel they have to have everything including unlimited texting. Actually to be fair I like texting better than talking.

WE got free phones that were worth 250 bucks. They are junk though.

We got rid of our home phone as well. I love it because I don't have to listen to the phone ring off the hook.

Wingman709 said...

I have an iPhone and for the first time in my life I use my cellphone for more than just calling.

I am not one to follow the masses. I have always hated Apple and am not a fan of AT&T. I looked at other phones other than the iPhone but I wanted something with iPhone like features.

All other competitors at the time were crap. I tried them all out and they sucked. The iPhone really is an awesome phone.

It is hands down the best text messaging phone I have ever see. It keeps your text conversations in a conversation thread which is really nice.

The browser is the best of any phone and the app store RULES. If you want an app, you will find it.

Did I mention games yet? Yeah, you will play games on this thing. Trust me and pick up the game called Flight Control. It only cost 99 cents and its addictive, especially when you try to beat your friends scores.

Voicemail on this phone is the best as well. I love the visual voicemail.

Checking your email is great. I get my work email, and multiple personal emails on my phone. You can send easily and with the ability to tilt the phone into landscape mode the keyboard is nice and big.

OK, now for the bad things. No matter how good something is, there is always some stuff that sucks.

The camera sucks. Now I have the 3G and I hear it is better on the 3GS. But for the 3G, the camera is crap. The speakerphone is the worst. Its really quiet and you damn near have to have the thing to your ear anyways to hear someone talking. But if you have a bluetooth headset, it won't matter. I don't so I am forced to use the speakerphone.

You will pay a premium for the iPhone. No doubt about it. But honestly, I find it to be worth it. I have always been the kind of person to just get a free phone as all I need to do is make calls. However, the iPhone has changed my opinion. This thing is awesome.

Robert said...

Well, I'm sold, Wing. I'm glad to hear that texting on the iphone is great. That's the one thing I was wondering about the most.

The only bad thing about this is that we are going to have to buy out of our contract with Alltel. Now it's basically up to my wife.

Wingman709 said...

Check out this nice little video on texting with the iphone.

I also recommend you go to an AT&T store and have them demo the phone for you before you drop your cash on it.

I love the phone, but everyone is different so check it out before you buy. Make sure it does all you want it to.

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