Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rock Band Not So Bad

OK, Rock Band is actually a fun game WHEN YOU PLAY WITH OTHER PEOPLE. Me and my daughter played Rock Band today for like five hours. I played bass. She played guitar. We kicked a bit of ass. I was struggling to come up with a band name so of course I picked parts of three death metal bands that I enjoy. Our band name is Napalm Angel Corpse, and we DESTROOOOOOY! I'm irritated that my band member's name can't be shown on Xbox Live though. What's wrong with Jack Azz? This is Rock Band for piss sake. Maybe I should have went with Corpse Fucker instead.

I also stopped by my local GameStop today to pick up a guitar. I couldn't believe how many used guitars they had there. I wasn't about to buy one though. Who knows how many little boogery fingers were on those guitars or how many hours they were used. I opted to go to Sam's Club and buy yet another copy of Guitar Hero 3 w/guitar. That means I have a new copy of GH3 that I'll need to get rid of. Sac, if you're reading this and you're interested in this game at all just let me know and it's yours for free.


Wingman709 said...

Rock Band is awesome and yes its even better with friends. If you ever want to jam, let Kyle and I know and we can jam with you.

Sacrilegium said...

Doesn't really seem like my thing, but thanks for the offer.

Robert said...

No problem. I'll probably give it away to a ThisXboxLife listener then. :)

Wing, I pretty much stink. I'm decent at best on bass on medium mode right now. My daughter kicks my ass lol. HaHa She carries me through some of the songs. Of course she's also logged tons of hours in Guitar Hero too.

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