Friday, May 29, 2009

Killzone 2 Not All That & A Bag Of Chips

After spending a few hours with Killzone 2 I'm just not impressed. To tell you the truth I'm not even driven to play it anymore. I have a few problems with the game. First off I'm playing on the medium difficulty and it's barely a challenge. I'm actually finding that it's incredibly easy to not shoot enemies and just walk up and melee them in the face. It's also a bitch to aim with the reticle. I have the sensitivity way up in the options and it's still not helping. When you use the right analog stick to aim it kinda hesitates and pauses. This is annoying as hell. If the controls were better the game would probably be really fun. I'm not thrilled with the weapons either. I've ended up using the one shot rifle because the other guns have so much kickback when you shoot them that you end up shooting way above the head of your enemy. I have a feeling I'll be sending this back to GameFly either tomorrow or Monday. It's a mediocre shooter with some issues. When I play a FPS I want precision from my weapons. I don't want to have to fight with accuracy. I've played C grade shooters on the Xbox 360 that handle better than KZ2. What a shame. I thought I had finally found an exclusive game on the PS3 worth playing. I was wrong. I hope INFAMOUS ends up being that game...


Repro said...

I couldn't get into it. Though I didn't play it very much. Resistance games own me.

Repro said...

Damn Bioshock. This fucking Big Daddy is killing me.

Repro said...

What the fuck! I killed that fucking big daddy. I burned him down and leave to get health come back and hes back at full strength. I had already went to the emergency access but they said I didnt get the other kid. I decided not to leave till I kill the big daddy. He cant be killed, like Jason!

Robert said...

Big Daddies are no joke! I guess you realize that though. HaHa

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