Monday, October 4, 2010

Holy Crap It's Been A Year!

No updates to speak of for over a year. The sad part is not much has really happened in a year. It's groundhog day every day in my life. Wake up. Get on treadmill for 30 minutes. Take shower. Go to work. Come home. Play video games. Go to bed. Repeat for 5 days. On the weekends I do the same minus the work part.

Obviously a lot of video games have been played over a one year span, but I won't bore you with all of them. Halo Reach has been dominating my Xbox 360 for the past few weeks. Bungie has finally made a multiplayer mode that I am good at. Halo Reach goes out the window as soon as FALLOUT NEW VEGAS arrives. That is definite.

As far as my listening habits go...I still listen to most of the same old stuff. I've decided that there will never be any great new metal bands. There are some decent new bands, but nothing I'm going to waste my time on. I'm still cranking all of the old thrash metal and some death metal here and there. I really don't listen to death metal like I used to though. I'm also listening to lots of 80's tunes as usual. I still say one of the best bands outside of metal is The Hold Steady, but even they have let me down with their last two albums.

I just turned 38 last month. I'm having my mid life crisis now. That started when I decided to take another mirror and use it to look at the back of my head before shaving it which I've been doing every four days. I have a big bald spot shaped like the number 8 back there. Yeah, I don't deal well with physical changes that make me feel older, so I had a day of depression over that one. Still trying to deal with it all. Not trying to be overly dramatic here. It's just how I am when it comes to aging.

It's hard to believe that I've been online since the spring of 1999. It all started with good old Webtv. I used to get on various discussion groups and flame people constantly. If I could go back in time and smack myself...well I probably wouldn't. I still have a few issues online with people I don't like. Not nearly as many as I did 8-11 years ago, but still I do.

I may just start this whole blogging thing again if I can actually come up with interesting tidbits. So far I'm not off to a good start. I guess the reason I stopped was because I stopped having fun doing it. Facebook may have also had something to do with my stopping of the blog. Facebook is evil. I'm back now bitches! So the two people reading've been warned.

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