Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kiss Me Deadly?

Anyone who reads my blog knows I'm stuck in the 80's. You also know that I love my 80's music. Today at work was 80's On 8 XM Radio day which I live for. Anyway Lita's 'Kiss Me Deadly' was on and I was thinking just how tired I am of that song. I'll admit that when I was a teenager I liked the song. It hasn't aged well though. For that matter Lita really hasn't either just judging by how she looked when I saw That Metal Show on VH1 Classic. I'm sure I could sit here and come up with tons more 80's songs that haven't aged well and this just happens to be one of them. I do own the self titled Lita album that 'Kiss Me Deadly' appears on. I even listen to it probably twice a year or so. There are actually songs on that album that I still enjoy like 'Back To The Cave' which is much better than 'Kiss Me Deadly'.

The second part of my thought about this song is just what in the fuck does 'Kiss Me Deadly' even mean? How in the hell do you go about kissing someone deadly? Does that even make a lick of sense? I realize that songs don't have to make sense, but this song really takes the prize for not making sense. I'll take no part in being kissed deadly or kissing someone deadly...whatever the hell that means.


Sacrilegium said...

Dude, it's written by a woman. You can't expect it to mean anything.

Robert said...

Ziiing! I wish that were true. It's actually written by a dude named Mick Smiley. the owman can't even write her own hit!

Sacrilegium said...


Well, in that case, there's obvious meaning in the song. It's social commentary about the lack of foresight in youth. The young lady subject in the song gives no care for the morrow, engaging in risky behavior and ultimately contracting a "deadly kiss" (metaphor for AIDS) through her willingness to accept momentary pleasure instead of a loving relationship in which she is valued a human being.

What a FAGGOT she is.

Repro said...

I never liked that song but I saw her in concert from row two, when she opened for Yngwie. great show.

Repro said...

I sent Killzone 2 back. I didn't really give the game a chance. To be honest. It started out well, I just decided to move on. I just got BioShock. I only started it. Where I am now in the underwater city. Just arriving.

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