Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Eating My Words

At the beginning of the year I made a blog entry about how many games I was looking forward to and how this would be a good year for video games. My outlook has changed. There are really only a handful of games that I even care about now. Unless Microsoft and Sony make some huge announcements at E3 I think this year is actually going to be quite lame. Obviously I plan on playing a bunch of new releases, but it's not like I'll be dying to play most of them. There are still plenty of games I can go back to. There are even older games I still haven't played yet. Right now I only see one AAA title worth getting excited about and that's Modern Warfare 2. In case that title looks a bit strange it's because the Call Of Duty tag is being dropped. I also have high hopes for Brutal Legend mostly because it's a fantasy game based on Heavy Metal. Still no word on when that's being released though. I'm also looking forward to INFAMOUS and PROTOTYPE. I also think FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 3 could be promising as well. I'm just hoping that some announcements will be made for some other big games this year.


Repro said...

Those games look ok, I guess. I have to get back to Killzone 2. I haven't played any game in almost 2 weeks!

Wingman709 said...

Yeah, not much happening. Wolverine and Modern Warfare 2 are the only games I am really excited about for the rest of the year.

Robert said...

I'm at a loss for words and ideas lately when it comes to blogging. My mind is a blank. I guess I haven't been all that entertained by anything lately.

I've been playing games that are just kinda holding my interest.

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