Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dead At The Age Of 50

Back in 1983 I became a huge Michael Jackson fan. I would listen to "Thriller" pretty much ever day for months. I was only 10/11 at the time. I can remember my Grandpa and some other family members giving me grief over being an MJ fan. I won't even get into some of the racist crap I heard from them. There was just something about MJ that was magical to me. I guess I was just a young impressionable kid. Later in 1983 heavy metal music came into the picture and I pretty much forgot about Michael Jackson.

There's no denying that he was/is an icon. When Fred Astaire compliments your dance moves you're basically a stud. I still believe that there was no greater entertainer than Michael Jackson. I also believe that there never will be. He was larger than life. He was the Elvis of my generation. I have nothing bad to say about him even though thousands of people on message boards are already ripping on him with jokes that are in bad taste. Even in death he can't be left alone.

In the 80's nobody was a bigger star. Not even Madonna. He had talent. He had massive stage presence. He made girls scream, cry, and even pass out. I don't care what anyone says. In the 80's Michael Jackson was THE MAN.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson


Wingman709 said...

When you sexually abuse children, you don't deserve anything. I still can't see why people like this guy. Maybe if he had "slept" with their kids they would think differently.
I just hope its nice and warm where he is now.

Repro said...

All that I will say is. Would you let your children spend the night with this guy? I'm getting ripped at another forum by some because of my opinion of this guy. He paid millions to the parents of a few children on more than once. He can drink his Jesus Juice with SATAN!

Robert said...

Not to get into a debate about this but we only know what the media has told us. I trust the media about as much as I trust a televangelist. Unless you were there at his house you have no idea what the hell happened or didn't happen. I truly believe that he didn't molest children. That's my opinion. If you believe he did that's yours. He settled out of court because his lawyers advised him to because it would have cost him millions more over years in courts to prove his innocence. Obviously this makes him look guilty.

It's like a witch hunt to me. It's like omg this guy is a freak. He must have molested children. He's guilty! Again, unless you were there to witness it you really have no ground to stand on. You guys don't know what happened and neither do I. You can't even dispute that. Well, you can, but it will fall on deaf ears. LOL

Repro said...

He paid 22 million to the Chandler family in 1993. That is a fact. To settle the civil suit out of court. 22 MILLION DOLLARS!
Then the kid refused to testify in the criminal trial. I guess 22 million was good enough.

Repro said...

This fucking FEAR 2 is decent, but a review I read got it right. You kill one dude with one shot. Another dude can take 20 damn shots. You sometimes go a fair amount of way but don't get to a save point and have to start the section all over again. It's pretty fun, even though the graphics are weak.

Robert said...

I liked FEAR 2 a lot though I know Wingman didn't. The graphics are good. Not great, but good.

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