Friday, September 11, 2009

It's been awhile...

Man, it's September already? I haven't blogged since August. I'm neglecting my blog. I suck!

My latest addiction is Mafia Wars on Facebook. Never thought I'd get sucked into a game like this, but holy shit it's addictive as hell. A friend of mine requested that I start playing and be a part of his mafia, so I decided to give it a try. If anyone reading this besides Phil is playing let me know and send me a request to join your mafia.

I'm soooooo glad school has started again. My daughter just started high school, so she's out of my hair (does that work even though I'm bald?) and not driving me insane in the early hours of the morning.

I picked up The Beatles Rock Band. Great game IF you are a fan of the band, and I am. I was raised on their music from birth. My parents listened to The Beatles on 8 track and vinyl all of the time. It's part of my dna. I'm having fun singing all of the songs and watching the beautiful visuals. Definitely a 9/10.

I've been watching a couple of tv shows. Lately I'm addicted to Wife Swap for some reason. I love watching two totally opposite families have to deal with one another or at least a new mom. I've also been watching Hell's Kitchen. I've been watching this since season one though. This has been a really funny/good season though. Gordon Ramsey is the man. The guy cracks me up. Can't wait for the new season of House. It starts on the 21st...which id my birthday.

Speaking of my birthday...I'm having a cavity filled that day. Yippee!


Wingman709 said...

The Beatles: Rock Band rules. I really like it. The dreamscapes are pretty darn sweet. They did a very nice job with those.

Repro said...

I only signed up for Mafia Wars to help a friend build his mafia. Funny thing is I sent a request to everyone on my friends list by accident. Now you have been sucked in. LOL

I am waiting for Modern Warfare 2.

Robert said...

I'm beyond addicted to Mafia Wars now. I have millions of dollars and 131 people in my mafia already. I never thought I could get sucked into a game like this. I'm actually ignoring my 360 haha

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